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Cupola and test loudspeaker

Cupola and test loudspeaker

The Chapel in the Hamilton Mausoleum used to hold the Guinness World record for the ‘longest echo’. It took 15s for the booming reverberation caused by slamming one of the main brass doors shut to die to silence. When I visited the first floor chapel it was certainly very reverberant. It’s like being in a large church or cathedral, impressive but there are more reverberant spaces in the World. The reverberation time at frequencies imporant for speech has been measured at about 9 seconds. A guided tour around the chapel is worth taking because you can then enjoy some of the tales about the colourful Duke and his descendents. The very reverberant space attracts musicians from around the world to perform and record.

A less well known acoustic phenomenon in the chapel is that the cylindrical alcoves behave like whispering walls. If you and a friend stand at opposite sides, you can whisper to each other by talking into the wall.

Location and logistics

You need to book on a tour organised by Low Parks Museum and Hamilton Mausoleum.