Animated Clock

Watch and listen to the animated town clock at this UNESCO World Heritage site

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Goslar is a medieval masterpiece: narrow cobbled streets, canals and picturesque houses are some of attractions. Indeed, the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. But for the sound tourist, it’s the old animated clock in the main square which is the must-see attraction. A procession of mechanical figures slowly troop out of the clock innards to re-enact the town’s history; celebrating its prosperous mining past.

Logistics and location

Situated in Goslar’s Marktplatz. Sounds at 9am, 12, 3pm and 6pm.

Sources and credits

  1. Photo: Gerhard Elsner (c) some rights reserved

Author: Trevor Cox

I am a Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford where I carry out research and teaching focussing on architectural acoustics, signal processing and audio perception. I am also an author and radio broadcaster having presented many documentaries on BBC radio and written books for academics and the general public.

3 thoughts on “Animated Clock”

  1. Glockenspiel, with parade of figures
    showing the history of silver mining
    in this region.
    Chime-sized instrument or collection of 19 bells
    Pitch of heaviest bell is unknown
    Transposition is unknown
    Keyboard range: —- / —-
    With bells made by an unknown maker
    Year of latest technical information source is 2008

  2. I’m intrigued that the first tune played is also used as the tune for the Welsh song “Boneddwr Mawr o Bala” (the grand gentleman of Bala). Does anyone know what this tune is called in Germany and where it comes from?

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