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Grand central station NY whispering walls

Grand central station NY whispering walls {1}

There’s an area under 4 archways, on the way down to the lower concourse, where you can experience an amazing sound focussing effect. If you and a friend stand at opposite ends of the underpass and one of you speaks towards the wall at a normal volume, the other person can hear you perfectly even though you are a good 10 metres away and facing in the opposite direction. The stone walls and ceiling do a great job of reflecting the sound on a path across to the opposite side of the underpass. People call it the Whispering Gallery or Whispering Walls. For more on the cause of this effect, see Whispering Gallery in St Paul’s Cathedral.

Logistics and location

In the lower concourse outside the Oyster bar. Whispering galleries need to be visited when it isn’t too busy otherwise the effect can’t be heard above other noise.



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{1} Photo by Je_roen_D, Creative Commons License Deed Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 Generic