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Zadar Sea Organ

Zadar Sea Organ. Photo by blandm

Driven by wind and waves this organ creates notes at random. Despite the unpredictability of when notes are sounded, overall what is heard is surprisingly harmonious. This happens because the different organ pipes have been carefully tuned to only produce certain musical notes that sound good together [1].

The sculpture is seventy meters long and has thirty-five organ pipes built under the concrete; as you move along the promenade the sounds and harmonies change. The movement of the waves and wind push air in and out of the organ pipes to create the notes. It was designed by architect Nikola Bašić.

Logistics and location

Visit Zadar website. There is a wave organ in San Francisco and also a high tide organ in Blackpool. But the Zadar organ is the most tuneful and effective.

Credits and sources

Site suggested by Rick Hughes

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